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Did you know that the Houston Medical Center is larger than downtown Dallas? Even people who have lived in Houston their entire lives may not know how truly massive and world-renowned this corner of our city is. To begin with, the Houston Medical Center is the largest in the world. It contains 49 medical institutions, including 13 hospitals. It also contains two medical schools, four nursing schools, and several other schools in dentistry, pharmacy and public health. All of these entities are not-for-profit.

People estimate that the Houston Medical Center receives 160,000 visitors every day and over six million patient visits every year–which includes over 18,000 international patients. More heart surgeries are performed in this section of Houston than anywhere else in the world. In 2010, the center employed almost 100,000 people.

Pretty impressive, right? So where do all these physicians, scientists, researchers, doctors, nurses and other clinicians live? If you work at the med center, it’s in your best interest to live close–and with so many amazing condo options nearby, why not check out a few? The people who run this world-class center live an extremely high-stress life. When you finish a 16-hour shift, you deserve to come home and take advantage of the luxuries of high-rise living.

Take Spires, a high-rise development right on the corner of Hermann Park and the Medical Center. For almost 20 years, Spires has been run by a considerate and active board of directors, who all work to make the experience of living at Spires as great as possible for their med-center residents. They keep Spires private, behind a guarded gate, and they work to maintain an uncommonly personal quality of life for everyone on the premises. There are plenty of spaces at Spires to blow off steam: tennis courts, racquetball courts, a fitness center with wet and dry saunas, and a pool. There’s storage in the building, as well as a team of concierges and valets.

Square footage of Spires condos run from 1300 to 3000 and more. Prices run from the $200,000s to $1,300,000. There are several different luxury floor plans to accommodate all personal needs and tastes. If you work in the Houston Medical Center and are looking for a new abode where you can escape and decompress after a long shift, check out Spires right away.

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