Sonoma Condominiums: Condos with a Capital C

There are condos and then there are Condos. The former are living spaces that can serve the needs of anyone. They are well build, well adorned and highly functional. The later however is all that and more. A Condo (as I mean it and thus spell it with a capital C) is a home that is elegant and modern. A space that makes everyone you bring into it marvel at how amazing it is.  In Houston there are very few spaces that encompass all of these qualities quite like the Sonoma Condominiums.

The Sonoma Condominiums are located at 2401 Bolsover Street is the smack dab in the center of Rice University Place. This area is a well spring of urban living that has all manner of shops, restaurants and entertainment options. The condos themselves feature twenty four hour concierge services, a rooftop pool, private parking, a relaxing Kio pond, individual storage units,  a fitness center and theater. These amenities, in conjunction with the amazing condos, make the Sonoma Condominiums not just a living space but an experience worthy of being called a capital C Condo.

If you would like to see some of the available units in the Sonoma Condominiums simply enter your information into the box on your right and a rock star real estate agent will get in touch with you ASAP!



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