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Last Wednesday night over a few drinks, a thirtysomething Houstonian talked about the condo that he and his girlfriend just signed on: “No yard work, a clean pool, and I’m close to everything. What’s not to love?” Condominium living in Houston is growing increasingly popular across all demographics, from recent college graduates looking to live in style to empty-nesters who want to downsize.

For decades, the high-rise building in Houston was a symbol of unattainable luxury. Condominium living was for the extremely wealthy or the retired. Because of our generous city limits and ever-expanding suburbs, the city sprawled outwards instead of rising up, leading to the idea of a decentralized, flattened Houston full of single family homes. But things have changed. Houston is catching onto the trends that have swept the rest of the nation: the upswing in food trucks and farmer’s markets as well as the solidifying cultural scene within the Loop is proof of this. Recent condo developments in Houston’s thriving areas have put condominium living on the mind for people all over the city.

What does condominium living offer that traditional housing doesn’t? For one, convenience. As my friend said, there’s no yard work. There’s no maintenance required, and no wasted space. Condos often come with amenities like brand-new exercise rooms, saunas, and swimming pools, giving residents an all-in-one package that frees them from the extra expense of having to buy a gym membership and the hassle of having to drive to a pool in summer. (And in the Houston heat, that advantage is no joke.)

Condominium living also offers the possibility of reclaiming a little bit of those college glory days. You could live down the hall from one of your best friends. You could meet up with a workout buddy at the gym downstairs in the morning. You might find yourself making unexpected connections. As more and more people flock to Houston’s newest condos, the community aspect will become even stronger.

Check these listings out to see what we’re talking about here:

1400 Hermann

2207 Bancroft

1901 Post Oak

505 Jackson Hill

1900 Genesse

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