Lap Dogs and Luxury

The Westin Hotel Memorial City has just developed a program fit for only the most pampered pets. Culinary-institute-trained head chef Dagan Lynn is preparing gourmet pet meals to order: according to the Houston Business Journal, “Fido will be able to order room service, selecting from a handful of dishes to tickle his taste buds when hunger strikes.”

In addition: “Spot will get a doggie treat at check-in. And he will get to lay his head down in his own Heavenly Dog bed, a version of the hotel chain’s soft, cushy Heavenly Bed for humans.”

Luxury boutique hotels have long tailored their services to all members of a customer’s family, including the furry ones. But how about condominiums? Condo residents in Houston are attracted to high-rising living because of the hotel-like amenities and the superior, customized service. A majority of the luxury condos featured on CondoDomain boast concierge service, some even 24 hours a day. Will these hotels cater to your pup’s needs?

If you’re thinking of buying or renting a condo and you love your pet as much as I do, this could be one of those make-or-break factors that determine your decision! Investigate your listings of choice, and stay tuned for a roundup of the most pet-friendly condos in Houston.

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